Phew, it’s time to go back to WORK! I am so ready. That’s not really my line, usually I’m wanting more time off, but not this week. Granted I have had off 5 days this time due to the holiday, but I need a break. LOL Needing a break by going back to work?!? Yea.

I have been working like mad getting ready for the fairs that are coming up. Monday I put up a dozen jars of strawberry jam. Today I put up a batch of pickled baby carrots( my, my do they look pretty and yummy). A few days ago I put up 24 jars of small whole pickled beets, and made blueberry jam. Sheees I am tired! The only thing I need to do now is my peach jam, but the peaches I want are not on yet. Bennett orchards told me that they may be ready by the weekend, so I will probably be doing jam again this weekend. It is alot of hard work but I love every minute of it, plus I love going to the fairs and seeing other entries and meeting other canners! I guess you can say the bug has bitten hard.

Hubby wisked me away for a weekend gettaway for the fourth. He said that I needed it. It was so fun. We attended an Ice Cream social at the horse auction in New Holland on Friday. I was not prepared for the sights that I saw. When we drove up into the parking lot all you could see were strawhats and buggies with horses. This is the highlight of the Amish summer. Ice cream was free and was it ever being eaten(mostly by the small children-you could tell by the drippings on their clothes!) I have never been in the company of so many Amish families in my life. The auction part was so crowded that you couldn’t even get in the place. It was alright though, outside was just as interesting, venders lined the streets and the young Amish boys were racing the horses up and down the street showing them off. This went on all day Friday into the night and then Sat. too.

Now when we went back Sat. We were able to get inside and watch the auction. Some of the racing horses went for thousands of dollars. I guess their retirement will be pulling the buggy for the Amish family now.  The cutest thing was the miniature ponies and colts that were sold , I fell in love with this little guy. “Can’t I take him home honey? He can fit right in the back seat please??”


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    Melissa Says:

    ooh that looks interesting! Let us know when you go to the fair.. We have Maia and Jaden for a week starting this sat.. We are looking for something to go and do with them that they would enjoy.

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