Out of all the times I’ve been competing at the Delaware State Fair, this is the first for it being toooo HOT! I’ve been spoiled by the previous years being nice and pleasant, even last year I took my grandaughter with me and even went on some rides with her. It wasn’t this hot.  But this year it has been kinda hard. The competition went ok, I think some of my things should have done better, but you never know what the judges are looking for. Even so, I wouldn’t miss it for the world. I enjoy meeting the people there and have come to know some of them. There is always something to look at, a competition to watch or a demonstration of a product to buy ( I need to stay away from a certain vendor! LOL!) Last year on governor’s day there is a grand harness race for the governor’s cup. Hubby watches that and I take off on my own; that’s when I got into trouble?! You see we have been using his/mine/combined cookware for 7 years now and it is looking bad. I was so impressed with the cookware (Kitchen Ware) that I bought the whole set. When I returned to the races, Hubby asked where I have been, I replied,” I’ve been shopping”. He looked at me puzzled: “What in the world can you buy here?” “Oh just some cookware.”  “Good he said we sure do need some”. Little did he know that I was gonna throw all of our old away for this!  When 3 big boxes arrived in our porch the next week, he was surely surprised!  We have had this cookware for a year now and even hubby says it’s the best he has ever used. Boy and I glad!  Tomorrow is Governor’s Day, and we will be going again. The only thing is, I need to stay away from the demo booth or I just might see something I missed last year?!!!!    Saturday is the big antique tractor pull at the fair. Hubby’s son will be pulling so we will be back for that.  That is the last day of the fair. The only bad thing is: I have to go back up Sunday morn. to pick up my ribbons and my jams, etc.  The gas is really hitting hard.

The next fair is in my hometown of Snow Hill, and I am getting ready for it now. Wicomico and The Great Pocomoke Fair are around the corner. This really keeps me busy.


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