Our flowers and garden are going full tilt, blooming and just shooting up! I have two plants that I have never seen before. Hubby’s aunt in Elkton gave us some seeds from her plants. I planted them and they have taken off. They are so pretty. I forgot what she told us this one was, but I think it is in the family of the Clemitis vine.(don’t think I spelled that right?) What makes this one unusual is the purple pea pod that it has. The tiny little flowers just set it off too.

I put one beside of the tractor house and it has taken over!

Now here is a new one. A plant called a “Mole Holer”. Supposedly you plant this one where you don’t want moles to invade. Well, this one ought to scare them away, it is 6 feet tall!

My other flowers are just ordinary. 🙂

but pretty!


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