woofFinally hubby and I are on the mend. You know you are better when you look around and think,”Time to fly the coop!” It snowed last night, a pretty sight. Too bad that we didn’t get much. But it was enought that hubby’s truck was iced in. He couldn’t get into her this morning! Poor guy he had to walk to Arby’s for coffee. I told him that he could have used my car that was nicely tucked into the garage, but he got a strange look on his face and said,” I’m not gonna get her messed up!”. Ummm I guess that means that I am not gonna take her out either.

Today I went on a new (for me) job. Hubby had me go with him to help with trapping. Now this is something I’ve never done before, I know that hubby does it often. Years ago he trapped coons (when he had coon dogs) and sold the hides for great money. Now PETA has just about stopped alot of it. But now he is trapping rabbits for his farm. The place when he has been asked to trap if full of rabbits. The owners have asked us to weed them out because they are eating everything out of their gardens. So I went with him today. I learned how to set the trap and where to place it in the woods. I don’t mind these traps because they are “nice” traps. The rabbit goes into the trap after the apples and the trip door closes behind him. Presto we have a rabbit. So far we have had about a dozen to put over on the farm. The boys see them when they are deer hunting over there now. I just never know when I will learn how to do something new! It sure beats being cooped up in the house all day!


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