Wow I can’t believe it , the temperature today is 64 degrees. Boy thats a big change from last week’s temp. of 20 degrees. I love it, and I just hate the cold winter weather. Give me summer anytime! I took advantage of the nice weather to let “Jack” outside. Poor boy he has been inside most of the winter, so it’s good for him to venture outside and see all the boogy men! I took him outside to the kennels and let him inside of one of the runs. He didn’t quite know what to think of that! His “sister” Lucy was next door and he was tickled to see her. This will be good for him when I have to leave him home and don’t want him in the house. Now is a good time to scrub the kitchen floor again. It seem like I do it every other day. Potty training is not my favorite thing. Thank goodness for pittle pads, they work wonders!

This afternoon was training time. I used the garage and Jack and I had a session. He is so smart and quick to catch on. Sit, Stay, Come is coming along nicely. Pulling on the lease is harder, he is in such a hurry! One trick that I taught him-sit, down, roll over is a hoot. He mastered it quickly and then decided that he could cheat by just spinning on my behind! Why not mom? He got me laughing so hard it was so funny!  After a while he figured out that no treat for cheating!  Now all I have to do is point my finger at him, and roll it, and he is down and rolling over- bang bang your dead!!!

He is going to be a perfect dog for us when we are camping; he already loves to ride in the truck, inbetween the seats in his own milk carton. He sits up and props his front feet on the edge and is a happy rider!

On a serious note he will be a welcome extra set of ears for us. We have had some breaking and entering and stealing going on in our neighborhood. Hubby had some power tools stolen out of the shed and someone riffled through his truck. Now my mail was taken out of the box. I ordered 3 books from ebay, when I got them 2 of the hardbound books were gone , but they left the paper one! Wouldn’d you know it they took the 2 cesar milan dog training books that I really wanted. Boy if I see someone in the neighborhood training their dogs, I WILL appear to them!!!jack-jughead-003


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