Today was an interesting day. Last night we visited my parents, since my dad has just gotten out of the hospital we decided to ride down and see them. It’s a good thing we did; they were at Witt’s end! The puppy that they got back in Dec. was such a pretty little thing, small, quiet, snugly, beautiful.  Well something has happened since them ; O Boy has it.

This little pup has grown to be a big one and a very “I’m the boss in this house dog!” This has upset them terriblly! They have been used to older docile dogs, and then this one comes in and litterlaly takes over.

I watched him last night go WILD with Mom! The more she corrected him the WILDER he got. When he turned on her; that’s when we decided to step in.  Today we went back with a training collar. Hubby held “class” with them on how to handle a high strung hyper dog. It was so interesting to see “Jug” in the kennel eyeing hubby; as if to say “What do you think you re gonna do with that thing, I can handle you!” When hubby opened the kennel , Jug lunged at him, but he forgot one thing—- he’s only 4 months old and weighs maybe 8lb. Hubby was stronger and meaner than him! When he got the collar on Jug it was if a board had struck that dog. Meek as a mouse, and it wasn’t even on! His expression was;” Wow who is that!”

We quickly found out that he needed only a small amount of correction to get his attention. Mom & Dad were amazed in the transformation of their puppy!

The next thing was leading on a walk. That is very important so that he doesn’t pull and make my parents fall; that would be disaster! It was really good to see Mom & Dad take control of Jug. He really was listening to them. Dad said that was the first time in his life (Jug) that he has sit beside of Dad on the lease quietly. Hurray! Hurray!  Jug got a big treat for that.

We left them with instructions and the collar. It will be fun to hear from them about how good a boy he is.  I sure hope so!

For those of you reading this; don’t be alarmed by a training collar, it is not painful and will not hurt the dog. Some high strung dogs need more that treats to do what they are supposed to do.  Remember: you are the pack leader not the dog! If there is no dominate leader in the household the dog senses this and takes over, that is never a good thing.

Here is our little Jug full of vim and vigor!



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