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March 29, 2009

Stand up for what you believe in; that is a loaded statement; one that for many others can mean different things. It can mean your religious beliefs, your stand on moral issues, etc. I respect those that stand up for their beliefs, I may not agree with them, but that is my choice and theirs. I have found that for some if you don’t go along with what they  believe, then that is a time for discord.  It is as if they want everybody to believe what they say is the gospel, sadly that is not true. Misunderstandings are the most grievous problems in relationships, and families. It is much easier to get mad and vent than to sit back mull on it and try to see the others way of thinking, and then contact and discuss. It may not turn out the way we think it should and feelings may be hurt, but was it intentional? I think not. We don’t set out  with the intent of blatantly knowing that we are going to hurt someone by our actions; sometimes events are not thought out thoroughly and the end results are not the greatest. A bigger person would have known that . But we are not a perfect soul and we are going to continue making mistakes, innocence ones; but there is only one perfect  one: Jesus Christ; and what we do must make his heart sad: how we treat others, friends, strangers, family: the hurt we inflict (some not knowingly, some deliberate).  Yesterday morning I had a visit from a  Jehovah Witness, yes I could have been angry and been mean to her, but why? She truly believes what she is witnessing about. I don’t believe with her, but by being nice and sharing with her that I believe differently was a better action. She left with a smile . After all she was the one out witnessing, was I? Isn’t that what Jesus said to do: “Go out and share the word”?  Yes I am being very preachy this morning but am talking from my heart. To my online friends, my family, if I have unknowingly made you mad or have hurt your feelings; I am truly sorry. I don’t want my life filled with the litter of unhappy relationships it is too much work! I would much rather go through this life of mine with smiles, happy times, and great friends and family.  Such deep thoughts for a Sunday morning 🙂


Can you see God’s smile this morning???



March 23, 2009

I’m on the mend finally. I can raise my arm over my head and most importantly I can blow dry my hair now-YA!! For a week now I have had to make do with whatever I could with this mop, and boy oh boy did the finger waves pop in! Hate them, Hate them!!!  Now I look more like myself. The only time I pop a pill now is late afternoon or night when things get to aching-so many places that I didn’t know exsited! LOL! I’ll be going back to work Wed. with my battle scars of pretty putrid green and purple. It’s kinda be nice to have off all this time with hubby; I couldn’t ask for a better, kinder, considerate, lovealbe person to take care of me. He’s just super!kissing-face


March 19, 2009

Yesterday started out as a good day, my arm wasn’t hurting and my back was OK; so we decided to take a ride.  I haven’t been to Crumpton in a long while, so since I am technically “laid up” we went there. The auction was nice and it was a beautiful day outside. By the time we left and on the ride home, I had to stop and put a ice pack on my arm and elevate it. For some reason the night time is when it starts to ache and throb; but the good ole pain pills do the work. There is no way I can lift my arm up over my head to do hair this week! I can sympathise with my daughters who both have broken something, I never have; and this is NOT a good feeling! It is feeling better each day, however it is the prettiest shades of green, blue, and black, as well as being puffy. I just thank the Lord that is wasn’t a bad break, I guess he really is looking out after me:)


March 17, 2009

omgI did it yesterday! I learned a big lesson. NEVER SCRUB YOUR KITCHEN FLOOR BARE FOOTED! What a lesson learned the hard way. Yesterday was cleaning day as usual; I was just about finished, the last thing was to scrub  the kitchen floor. As I was taking the mop out to the garage, somehow my feet went out from under me and BANG, I fell down the steps onto the concrete. Stunned I laid there. I got up and keep saying “I”M alright , I’m alright, noooo  I’m not alright!  I felt my arm and it felt really funny and throbbing by then. Of course I was alone, so a quick SOS to hubby on the cell-help!!  He was unfortunately in the woods with his dogs running full tilt. He came and we went to the emergency room. verdict? no broken bones (YA YA) just a badly banged up right arm and back. Doc said I was lucky it wasn’t broken the way my arm looked! So as of right now I am in a sling and out of work for the week. Such fun. Oh well what a way to get out of work! Ha! Ha!.  

This must be the luck of the irish today!  Happy St. Patty’s Day!shamroc0_1_

A new day

March 7, 2009

70 degrees and counting! What a difference in 7 days, last week we had inches of snow and cold, cold, weather. This is what I have been waiting for!!  First order of business, a walk on the boards with Jack. It was so nice over there, not that many people but they were coming in as we were leaving.  Enjoying the weekend and the nice weather is in the cards!cid_66db907d-465d-41ef-b83a-52b74258c0ee


March 3, 2009

Today is a bust! This was supposed to be surgery day for Jack. No food or water after midnight Monday, so the surgery could be preformed today. We were told to have him over there between 9-11am. Great, but no dice; the vet’s office was closed due to the snow! They didn’t even call us and cancel the appointment, we had to find out by sitting outside the office then calling and getting the answering machine! Bad way to handle a business I think! So lucky Jack got to go home and boy did he fall into his food. Wolfed it down is more like it. Well I guess we will try again next week.  It can’t come soon enough. This little boy is growing up.



March 2, 2009

The first big snow of the year came last night. Right now the sun is beginning to peek out. It looks like the worst of it is over, and my o my is it pretty. There is something about new fallen snow that makes everything just beautiful. It’s amazing how early in the morning, if you go outside the quiet is awesome. It is truly God’s handwork. It’s almost as if everything is right with the world, no wars, no problems, no family spats, just God himself at work. It makes you feel very small and humble.

We took Jack outside for his first taste of snow. He loved it to death! He ran and jumped and burrowed into it. I need to keep the leash on him or I would never find him in the white!

After he came in I gave him his bath, he needed it! Tomorrow is a big day for Mr. Jack; he’s gonna go to the vet for a very important surgery, he needs to!!! LOL! LOL!