The first big snow of the year came last night. Right now the sun is beginning to peek out. It looks like the worst of it is over, and my o my is it pretty. There is something about new fallen snow that makes everything just beautiful. It’s amazing how early in the morning, if you go outside the quiet is awesome. It is truly God’s handwork. It’s almost as if everything is right with the world, no wars, no problems, no family spats, just God himself at work. It makes you feel very small and humble.

We took Jack outside for his first taste of snow. He loved it to death! He ran and jumped and burrowed into it. I need to keep the leash on him or I would never find him in the white!

After he came in I gave him his bath, he needed it! Tomorrow is a big day for Mr. Jack; he’s gonna go to the vet for a very important surgery, he needs to!!! LOL! LOL!



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