Yesterday started out as a good day, my arm wasn’t hurting and my back was OK; so we decided to take a ride.  I haven’t been to Crumpton in a long while, so since I am technically “laid up” we went there. The auction was nice and it was a beautiful day outside. By the time we left and on the ride home, I had to stop and put a ice pack on my arm and elevate it. For some reason the night time is when it starts to ache and throb; but the good ole pain pills do the work. There is no way I can lift my arm up over my head to do hair this week! I can sympathise with my daughters who both have broken something, I never have; and this is NOT a good feeling! It is feeling better each day, however it is the prettiest shades of green, blue, and black, as well as being puffy. I just thank the Lord that is wasn’t a bad break, I guess he really is looking out after me:)


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