Stand up for what you believe in; that is a loaded statement; one that for many others can mean different things. It can mean your religious beliefs, your stand on moral issues, etc. I respect those that stand up for their beliefs, I may not agree with them, but that is my choice and theirs. I have found that for some if you don’t go along with what they  believe, then that is a time for discord.  It is as if they want everybody to believe what they say is the gospel, sadly that is not true. Misunderstandings are the most grievous problems in relationships, and families. It is much easier to get mad and vent than to sit back mull on it and try to see the others way of thinking, and then contact and discuss. It may not turn out the way we think it should and feelings may be hurt, but was it intentional? I think not. We don’t set out  with the intent of blatantly knowing that we are going to hurt someone by our actions; sometimes events are not thought out thoroughly and the end results are not the greatest. A bigger person would have known that . But we are not a perfect soul and we are going to continue making mistakes, innocence ones; but there is only one perfect  one: Jesus Christ; and what we do must make his heart sad: how we treat others, friends, strangers, family: the hurt we inflict (some not knowingly, some deliberate).  Yesterday morning I had a visit from a  Jehovah Witness, yes I could have been angry and been mean to her, but why? She truly believes what she is witnessing about. I don’t believe with her, but by being nice and sharing with her that I believe differently was a better action. She left with a smile . After all she was the one out witnessing, was I? Isn’t that what Jesus said to do: “Go out and share the word”?  Yes I am being very preachy this morning but am talking from my heart. To my online friends, my family, if I have unknowingly made you mad or have hurt your feelings; I am truly sorry. I don’t want my life filled with the litter of unhappy relationships it is too much work! I would much rather go through this life of mine with smiles, happy times, and great friends and family.  Such deep thoughts for a Sunday morning 🙂


Can you see God’s smile this morning???


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    christina Says:


    I would love it if you would write a book of sonnets or and inspiring collection of thoughts. I read what you wrote and it touched me. You are right. If I had though things through maybe, just maybe I would have seen what was going to happen. But I guess I am at fault for being stupid and not considering how everyone feels. Like you said no one is perfect. Trials and tribulation. I miss everyone. We need to work on the family reunion.

    Love you.

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