We took Jack to the agility trials today to get him used to people and other dogs. Boy were there dogs, all kinds of dogs, and all kinds of sizes! He literally was a nervous wreak! He couldn’t decide which way to look or where to go. It was hard to hold him, but the training he got today was very valuable for him. At 6 months he needs to learn to sit, stay, lay down, even in a noisy place. By the afternoon he was so tired that anything I wanted him to do was alright with him!   The trial was fantastic, the dogs that have been doing this for a while were beautiful. The best ones were the herding dogs, they stole the trial. Beautiful jumping, and footwork.  Well Jack, looks like you have some growing up to do to follow in their footsteps. But thats ok, we have time, we need plenty of it! 🙂

Now he can rest for a few days before training begins again, we are going away for a few to celebrate our anniversary.   8 years ya!hogfm5



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