Today is my mother’s birthday, she is 80…something, LOL, she would not want her real age in computer land! HA! HA!

As I think about my childhood with her and dad, I can honestly say that I had great parents. I can’t remember doing without something, not having enough food on the table, nice clothes to wear, or hearing them fighting. That is something that you don’t see as much any more. See they believed in marriage ever after and you worked on your family, not give up on them. I don’t remember her being overly huggy, kissy, that is now that I am older. Sure there are things that I don’t agree with and I’m sure she feels the same way with me, nobody can be the same. But I learned how much she loves me when I went through a bad time years ago, she was there-not just sometimes-she was there whenever I needed her and even when I didn’t think she knew -she was there. I will never forget that!

Now that she is in the later years of her life, I want to make it as easy as I can on her, as much as I possibly can-for you see I love my mother unconditionally and forever, even when I could “ring her neck”- I will never not talk to her or turn my back on her, because I can’t picture my children doing that to me-a mother’s love is totally unconditionally period!!

So happy birthday mom I glad the Lord gave me another year with you 🙂



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    Melissa Says:

    aw Happy Birthday Mommom! I didn’t know when your birthday was but I do now and won’t forget next year! Sue I soo agree with you on the mothers love is unconditional.. I couldn’t imagine not talking to my mother for any reason.. like you said she is always there even when she wants to ring my neck lol. Im sure there have been plenty of times when you wanted to ring Michael’s neck lol but Thanks for being there for Michael and I when we need ya.

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