What a bummer of a weekend, well not all weekend, but enough! We left for Assateague Island Fri. just as soon as I could jump out of the car from work, and into the truck. Trailer was all packed and ready. Friday night was great, the ocean was low, the temp. was in the 70’s, just nice. Bike riding and walking was on the agenda. The park was pretty full too. The night was beautiful, the stars were out and the bonfire was warm. I love a bonfire, something about it makes me stay out late and just watch it.

The next day everything changed, the winds started blowing , it was still nice, so I was able to bike around some and walk to the ocean, burrr the water’s cold! Hubby and I decided to take a ride and see how many campers were in the state and federal part of the island. Boy were we surprised, both campgrounds were full. Mostly I saw a lot of tenters and young adults camping. We then rode to Ocean City and took the park and ride bus into the inlet for the car show. WOW, there were some people there!!! The inlet was full of classic and street rod cars, and the people ever where! It cost $10.00 a person to get inside of the parking lot to view the cars. Way tooo much money when you could walk the perimeter of the lot and see everything you wanted to see! LOL! Of course no trip to the boardwalk is complete unless you either get Trasher’s french fries or Fisher’s popcorn. Well the line for french fries was 2 miles long so I opted for popcorn. Good choice, it was just made and nice and hot. The sun was out and it was warm and pleasant, so we decided to go back to camp—wrong idea, you could see the cold haze just laying on the island. What a difference in temps!!  By Sunday it was gonna rain so we packed up early and came home, just great to be home for a while. Maybe next weekend we will hit the good weather. 🙂campfire


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