I’ve been so busy on face-book that I have totally neglected my world. It’s hard to keep up with it all and work too. Lately it seems that i have been doing alot of traveling around, not far but   enough to throw things off.

I first went to Baltimore City for a job interview, that was a trip. The last time I had to go downtown Baltimore it was to take a test for a  higher license. This time hubby went with me and it was interesting. First off the traffic was busy and the roads went every where! We found the office building and looked for a parking garage. Luck us we found one 4 blocks away and on the 6 tier! Glad it wasn’t raining! Walking around I felt like I was the best dressed on the street, what with the tourist, the homeless, and the drunks! The interview was only 20 minutes long. The trip took all day just for that. Oh well it was something that I have always wanted to try for and am glad I did.

After that day we decided that we needed to get away for a couple of days, so we went to our fav. place, PA. First stop is New Holland then on to Mannheim for Roots, a  big farmer’s market and produce market only open on Tues. They had the best and freshest veggies and fruits, I tried to bring them all home! LOL!

Saturday my daughter and I went to NYC to a broadway play-Mamma Mia was at the Winter Garden theater on broadway.


Our bus got there early and let us off, so we walked up and down Broadway. Such fun and alot to see. I was surprised that the city wasn’t full of people, there were people walking and traffic was there , but I expected it to be allot worse. But as we walked to Times Square, it was so funny, it was like basking on the beach in the city. The streets were blocked off, a band was playing and people were sitting in web lawn chairs, reclining ones! Just chilling like on the beach or the boardwalk in OC> so funny, but a neat idea, if you can’t get outta the city, improvise!!! LOL!


did you know that you can turn your phone around and take a pic??!! This is us in Times Square chilling too.

I have never seen a Broadway play and now I am just hooked. It was totally awesome, I would go again in  a heart beat! Now I have to see the movie.


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    christina Says:

    wonderful time. That pic of us!!! Mom that’s an awlful picture of me. You look great.

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