Thank goodness it’s stopped raining, the sun’s out!!! The garden is growing, I really don’t know how it is with all the rain. Broccoli is just about over, it tasted good until one night I looked on my plate and said” What is that?” THAT was a little WORM, then another one, OMG what happened??? Hubby deadpanned,”Did you wash the broccoli good hon?” I thought so!!! “Evidently not” He said. Needless to say it went in the trash and the new broccoli I picked went to my parents, let MOM wash the suckers!!!!!! I’m done eating that!!!

The blackberries are coming on and turning dark. I picked some for a trial run of jam. The are still tart and when I made the jam it wasn’t dark enough, it reminded me of raspberry jam that I make. So I think I will wait until next week, that is if the birds don’t find them first!! LOL! I’m looking forward to making blackberry jam. I have strawberry already made for this year, and am going to make more blueberry jam in a few weeks. Then the peach jam next. I said that I wouldn’t compete this year, but I might change my mind if the blackberry jam turns out,===ummm we’ll see. 🙂


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    jenny Says:

    Compete in the county fair for jam you mean?? Oh go ahead!! I told myself I was going to do it last year and I didn’t, then when we went to the fair, and I saw how few jars of jam they had, I just knew I would have whupped some butt with my jam!! So I am doing it this year! Blueberry– yum!! I haven’t done that yet.. want to try it, but I’m pretty well set in the jam dept! maybe next year! :o)

    Hear hear on the rain. So glad to finally have a sunny day! thanks for leaving a comment on my blog and hope you come back! :o)

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