Delaware State Fair 09

This week is state fair week. I always look forward to this time of the year. I guess I’m just a kid at heart. I love walking around and looking at all of the competitions and exhibits. This year I took my 12 yr. old granddaughter. It’s fun looking at things through their eyes! I was really surprised that she didn’t care for going through the barns where the cows, pigs, sheep were. She said they stinked! But when we walked past the chickens she wanted to go in there! Boy there were some BIG roosters in there! I think some of them were as big as my Jack Russell terrier! And the one eye beatty look one gave us over it shoulder was deadly! I promised her one ride maybe 2, with me with her on one, well I got her on the Himalaya, she had never been on that one; after that mom-mom was finished for the day. She went on to ride the air glide, and the tilt-a-whirl. She looked like she was done after all of that!

del state fair 09 012

del state fair 09 014

The temp. was 90 degrees and hot in the shade. As we walked back down to the front gate to look for a hat for hubby, we saw Mc Donald”s McCoffee, they were giving away free samples, so she had the mocha and I had the vanilla, I don’t care for it , but she loved hers. Then I remembered the caffeine. Uh-Uh, hyper here we come! LOL~! Wasn’t to bad, she just talked, and talked, and talked!  Loved it! By the time we left we were all tired and happy. Another year of fun 🙂

kim & mom-mom


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