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September 29, 2009

I have just let my blog slide, for Facebook. Facebook is so much easier and it’s instant to see your friends and what is going on with them. I used to like My Space, but it is just for fun not at all like Facebook, ok I admit it I am hooked on Facebook! I just have to remind my self to come back here and post more often.

Summer is over and autumn is here. I have to admit I like the weather now, but really miss summer. Camping is over and now the serious stuff begins: planing for the holidays! Christmas is on Friday this year and my clients will be unhappy for that, when o when can I get my hair done? Oh Well, do it yourself!

We are going to eat crabs tonight at the Old Mill Crab House. This time it is a free dinner from hubby’s work, Good, because the all you can eat is $30.00 now a person! I’m sure Delmarva Power can afford it.

Hubby is hard at work making a bed for his raspberry bushes that are coming soon. He is determined to cut down on his garden, so with the blackberry bushes doing great, now the raspberry will fill out the other half of the garden, leaving just enough for tomatoes, cukes, etc. I can’t wait, I love raspberries. If we have as much as we have had in blackberries, I will sell them. We were loaded with blackberries this year, I made jam, jelly, and wine. Don’t know how the wine is yet it is not ready until this winter.



September 12, 2009