Isn’t it funny how things come about full circle? I remember in the 80’s  when things were sooo tight and money was a big issue; I found that I could make my budget stretch by using coupons for my groceries. Every week I would try and get the Sunday paper and pour over the grocery ads. I would cut out all the coupons and match them up to what store was selling the cheapest items I wanted. It got to be a game and my kids got to taste things that I wouldn’t normally buy because it was too expensive. But by using a coupon and doubling them the items were very cheap and sometimes free! This saved me a lot of money.  As the kids grew up and left I still did some, but the fun was out of it by them, and after all how much could I eat–I wasn’t home long enough to fix my meals for working!

Years later after I remarried, I still didn’t use coupons, figured I didn’t need to. Well the light bulb went off in my head” wait a minute I like to save money; pay the least for things; and make my money go farther”! so I am back in the saddle with coupons; and boy am I having fun! The internet has been a boon of coupons and free samples. Some of the grocery stores are even “tripling” the coupons-WOW! I am having such fun! It is a big game to see if I can get something cheap or free out of the stores, and it’s working! I even have a coupon for my thanksgiving turkey and for a lot of the trimmings. Love it!


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