This year’s thanksgiving was a little quieter and a little smaller than last year.I rented a church hall and had the whole family, his and mine for a great Thanksgiving dinner. That was the first time that everybody were together. It was wonderful!  This year I opted for a smaller dinner. I knew that Chris and her family were going to her inlaws, Michael and his family were going to his brother-in-laws, and Tricia, I felt that she was cooking for her family. So  I had my parents over and asked my brother and his wife to dinner too. Everybody brought something and it was pleasant to use my grandmother’s good china , silverware, and glassware. Mom even washed the dishes for me. We did have an extra guest-my son and his wife and children, he said that he had to have my dinner then go to the other one, mom’s is the best. What flattery! I love it though. I don’t mind, even if they all called and said that they were coming over, there is always room for more. Mom’s house will always be open:)

An added bonus was Kameryn’s birthday would be in 3 days, so we sang Happy Birthday to her and I gave her a birthday present.  She was so surprised! She kept saying” I can’t open a present yet it isn’t my birthday!” I d didn’t take many urging to get her to relent and tear open the present. LOL!



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