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December 12, 2009

Me and my brilliant ideas, I wonder why Jerry doesn’t just stop me. I think he enjoys the laughs he gets from me. This year I wanted a different look on my Christmas tree, so I bought all red lights, and used silver and the velvet balls that Jerry’s aunt made. I really thought it would be pretty. It didn’t take long to put up and it was pretty, but it wasn’t very bright. The darker the night got the more misgivings I began to have. Finally at 8:00 pm I turned out all the lights in the house, lit the tree and went outside across the street to look at it…..OMG I had the prettiest red light district tree you have ever seen!!!! Boy was I advertizing big time. Out went the tree lights, closed the bay window drapes and my husband was laughing his head off!!! I told you so, he said!! Well you can just help me retrim it!!! Yea I’ll help you he said.
So the little tree got redecorated with colored lights and it is pretty…really it is!!!



December 12, 2009

Today is a special day in our house hold. One year ago our little Jack Russell puppy was flown to us from Ohio. He was just a little itty bitty thing, just shy of 6 weeks old. He left Ohio at 3pm. for BWI, then was picked up by a transfer car to make the 3 hour trip to Salisbury. It was 9:30 pm. when I finally laid eyes on him. He was in a small pet carrier that was sealed up with plane tickets on it. Looks like he had been around the world! LOL!

When I finally got ahold of the crate and called to him, he never moved at all. All I could think of was: ” He’s dead, He’s dead! The plane ride killed him!! Finally I shook the crate wildly shaking the $#%## out of it, that little puppy lifted his head and looked around; Thank God! He was just plum wore out!! It didn’t take him long to fill out and now he is just my shadow and my best friend.

He thinks Jerry’s not a bad egg either!