Blizzard of 2010

Well now I am in a 2nd day from work, not for pleasure but because of this beautiful, hateful blizzard. Two storms back to back is not my cup of tea. After the first one hubby and I dug and dug in 21 inches of snow to get out. The driveway was plowed and we literally had to make a path to the dog kennels. This was because 3 -20ft. plus cypress trees had uprooted and fell down. It was down the path and through the wood to get to the dogs. Of course then the lock on the dog house was frozen, now chip away on that to get it open! We noticed that alot of snow was on the roof of their runs so to prevent the roofs from caving in we started digging on the roof. Boy that took all afternoon! One thing for sure, I’m getting my excercise! LOL! I sure need that because all we have been doing since is eat-watch TV-sleep-eat-watch TV-sleep——!

This is the snow on the dog kennels.

The best part is watching my Jack Russell play in the snow. He can’t run very well because it is over his head, but he makes like a jack rabbit hopping around in it. He can really make tracks when he sees that big ole tom cat in the yard!  I had to shovel a small path and a round piece of outhouse for him to use!

Well I guess I’ll be home tomorrow doing the same: digging, digging, digging:<)


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