Labor Day is just around the corner, it feels as though summer has flown by; at least this month! It has been the hottest ever summer here; so hot that camping has ground to a halt: who wants to sit around in air-conditioned because it’s too hot to be outside?! Not me, better off being home! The almanac says that this winter will be a mild one, great I’ll enjoy that!

I went to my first major concert to see Reba McEntire Sat. night. What a concert!! At the last; and I mean the LAST minute my friend texted me;(coward way of not facing me), that she wouldn’t be able to go to the concert. Now mind you she had the “free” tickets and had asked me to go. I was going to spring for the $100.00 per person; gulp,gulp, but she assured me that she got free tickets from the casino and we could go. Wow! OK! I should have known different, it didn’t ring true; and she wasn’t excited , and was vague about it Thursday while I was doing her hair. I thought something was up. Well, it was; Sat.morn. at 6am I get the message, cancelling and how she didn’t want to wake me up but some emergency came up; blah;blah;blah. Little did she know I am an early riser, I got mad then got thinking, she didn’t have free tickets all along, then I got online for tickets. GOD is GOOD; Did I mention GOD IS GOOD? I got 1 seat on the track just several rows from the stage!! I couldn’t believe it!! Ok so now I’m going by myself, I can do this; pull your big panties up and go! And I did, And I loved it!!! Reba sang her new songs ‘Turn the radio on” and her old ones “Does he love you”. As an added perk Barbara Jean from the Reba show opened for her. I didn’t know how funny Melissa Peterman was! Sooo good. I am still on such a real high, I can’t get Reba’s songs outta my mind, and singing all day long! LOL!!  Now let Thursday come and see what I tell my soon to be NOT “friend”.

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