Today’s post on Laced With Grace, got me thinking of the past. Dangerous thinking! I can remember reading this passage over and over again. Praying, hoping, pleading, begging with God to help me. Those were the lean years, the days when I wondered if I would make it or not. Raising 3 kids and myself was the toughest job I ever had to do. Yet I can say now, 20 years later, that I can see that God was there every step of the way, right beside me as my husband, father, protector, teacher, and my almighty Lord. There were so many many small things that were accomplished that I absolutely had no way of doing. It was HIM, always. If I could explain to my children the life of then, they would say:” No way, we had a great childhood, great times, great love!” Yes but only by the grace of OUR LORD and SAVIOR, did they have that. To this day I will never forget: I CAN DO EVERYTHING THROUGH HIM WHO STRENGTHENS ME!                                  AMEN


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