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August 27, 2007

It’s finally nice today. Lately the weather has been hot and humid; and it’s always on the days that I have something to do outside. Not today though, this morning I have been in the flower beds, the garden-pulling red peppers(for stuffed peppers, for the freezer),took each dog out for a brief run-walk around the yard.They were so excited to hit the ground that I had to take off running to stay with them! Boy they are really ready to go hunting!!! I came in and put 10 stuffed red-peppers in the freezer, 5 bags of cut up peppers in the freezer, and then made a meatloaf for supper. Holy cow I am SOOOOO DONE FOR THE DAY!!! It seems as though I start some things and don’t know when to quit until I fall down !!! I need to go to work just to rest up!!LOL

this weekend was the Pocomoke Fair, I have never entered this before, so I thought I would try since we would be there Sat. night for the tractor pull.(I can take my entries home then, and not have to come back Sun.) I was so pleased, I got 1st place for all my entries! I was surprised. At the last minute I entered a pic that I took on the beach at Lewis. It was such a beautiful day and the Cape Henlopin lighthouse was perfect. Well that picture got a blue rosette ribbon for 1st place. That wraps up this summer of fairs, it is such fun going and entering. Not bad for a girl that came from the sidewalks of Snow Hill!!!!

Now the highlight of my days are learning this new computer! Windows Vista is no friend of MINE! But I am determined to learn it. It has only taken me 2 weeks to figure out how to hook up my printer! I tried everything I new and was resigned to buy a new one to be compatible with my Dell. Low and behold last night I shut everything down, replugged the printer into another HOLE, and left it. When I turned the computer on today, a little window informed me that my computer was downloading my software for my printer, and WOW it worked!!! Thank you Lord,(you know I was really praying not muttering under my breath yesterday don’t ya Lord???) I will not touch it anymore, I’m afraid to move anything!! such fun in my life. It never ends. For that I’m thankful it is never boring!!! Amen



August 24, 2007

Vacation is over(sigh-sigh). why do they go so fast, but the weeks before drag on?!! It is so relaxing to just chill out for awhile. No one needing something from you, clients are forgotten for 10 whole days!!! YA YA. While we didn’t go to far away it was enjoyable. Now that I’m back home to the rat race, I’m ready to go again! My computer crashed and died finally, so off to the store for another one. Hooking it up wasn’t so hard, but now I have to learn the new Windows Vista program. Thank God for the good ole book-“Windows Vista for DUMMIES”! I have hightlighted alot of things in it. I thought I was doing good, but then my 6 month old printer won’t hook up with my computer. It seems that it is not compatable with Vista. Now I have to buy another printer. Oh ugh-ugh. It’s only MONEY!!!! I hate this. I guess I’m showing my age, I don’t want to learn another thing and I don’t want to spend any more MONEY!!!!   But I don’t have a choice. do I Microsoft. they had this all planned out, I just know it!!!!

On a better note, the Pocomoke Fair is going on with harness racing, antique tractor pulling, and entering my jams again. I’m off again. I do believe I was born with wheels on my be………!!!LOL    Caio


August 12, 2007

trish-wade.jpgpotty training at Mom-Mom’s house. I came across this pic and couldn’t resist sharing it. With all the potty training going on now I thought the parents would like to see how they handled potty training! Every-time my daughter and her cousin had to go potty, it was a mad dash to see who could go potty first. Then it was hurry hurry I gotta go TOOO!! I’ll even flush it for you LOL


August 5, 2007

Yesterday was a big day in my hometown. It was the annual blessing of the combines. It is held on the 1st sat. of August and this time it was HOT HOT!!!! Around 95 in the shade. combines.jpgWe participated in the parade down main street. That was so much fun, the sidewalks were full of people, ones that I graduated with and some that I haven’t seen in ages. The looks on their faces were priceless when they looked at our antique tractor and then spied me on the sulky on the back. I don’t know how many times I was asked”Are you the real driver?” Yea Yea !! LOL!! After the parade the combines and the tractors are parked on the streets downtown. Those combines litterally take up the whole street and are as tall as some of the buildings. There were speakers, singers, food, food, food, or did I mention FOOD!!! The pastors said a blessing over the combines and the crops to be harvested. That was so neat. They had a judging of the tractors too. We got the trophy for that. I wonder was my sulky the one that really won it????

100_0228.jpgI really don’t think so said my hubby, I guess not because she (Allie-yes the tractor has a name, short for Allis Chalmers)can pull her weight anytime. Ok Ok.. After the blessing program the antique tractor pull was held that night, and of course we had to stay because my step-son was going to enter his antique tractor for the pull for the first time. He did great, pulling 3rd place. Not bad for someone who hasn’t been on a tractor, let alone pull with one. I guess good ole dad is rubbing off on him after all.LOL All in all it was a good day, I was tired, tired, dirty, dirty, filthy feet and wore out. But I love it. Crazy huh???