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November 30, 2009

This year’s thanksgiving was a little quieter and a little smaller than last year.I rented a church hall and had the whole family, his and mine for a great Thanksgiving dinner. That was the first time that everybody were together. It was wonderful!  This year I opted for a smaller dinner. I knew that Chris and her family were going to her inlaws, Michael and his family were going to his brother-in-laws, and Tricia, I felt that she was cooking for her family. So  I had my parents over and asked my brother and his wife to dinner too. Everybody brought something and it was pleasant to use my grandmother’s good china , silverware, and glassware. Mom even washed the dishes for me. We did have an extra guest-my son and his wife and children, he said that he had to have my dinner then go to the other one, mom’s is the best. What flattery! I love it though. I don’t mind, even if they all called and said that they were coming over, there is always room for more. Mom’s house will always be open:)

An added bonus was Kameryn’s birthday would be in 3 days, so we sang Happy Birthday to her and I gave her a birthday present.  She was so surprised! She kept saying” I can’t open a present yet it isn’t my birthday!” I d didn’t take many urging to get her to relent and tear open the present. LOL!




November 19, 2009

Isn’t it funny how things come about full circle? I remember in the 80’s  when things were sooo tight and money was a big issue; I found that I could make my budget stretch by using coupons for my groceries. Every week I would try and get the Sunday paper and pour over the grocery ads. I would cut out all the coupons and match them up to what store was selling the cheapest items I wanted. It got to be a game and my kids got to taste things that I wouldn’t normally buy because it was too expensive. But by using a coupon and doubling them the items were very cheap and sometimes free! This saved me a lot of money.  As the kids grew up and left I still did some, but the fun was out of it by them, and after all how much could I eat–I wasn’t home long enough to fix my meals for working!

Years later after I remarried, I still didn’t use coupons, figured I didn’t need to. Well the light bulb went off in my head” wait a minute I like to save money; pay the least for things; and make my money go farther”! so I am back in the saddle with coupons; and boy am I having fun! The internet has been a boon of coupons and free samples. Some of the grocery stores are even “tripling” the coupons-WOW! I am having such fun! It is a big game to see if I can get something cheap or free out of the stores, and it’s working! I even have a coupon for my thanksgiving turkey and for a lot of the trimmings. Love it!


November 9, 2009

Boy is time flying! Halloween is over, Thanksgiving is near and then just around the corner CHRISTMAS! The anticipation leading up to it is more fun than the actual day. Nevertheless I look forward each year to it. Now to start the shopping!!!

Recently we have been traveling the easy way. We have been on 2 bus tours and I have to admit I kinda like them. Oh sure there are some things that don’t suit, and people that we wouldn’t ever travel with again, but that can be taken care of. We went to Cape Cod for a week and it was the most enjoyable time! The bus driver was our favorite-( hubby knows him personally), the tour guide was our favorite- and the fellow travelers were ok. There was one couple on the bus that we quickly figured them out! They were elderly, and couldn’t quite get around as good as others; BUT when it came to being pampered by fellow travelers who took pity on them, they got worse. Just couldn’t get out of the seat or the bus without help, but when nobody was around they literally jumped around. They also let it be known that we should be eating at Mc Donalds instead of these expensive restaurants; afterall we are on a fixed income. So one lady took pity on them and every time we ate lunch she made sure they had a goodie bag from her in the bus. Now I don’t have a problem with this if I hadn’t heard her say, that the next trip in Dec. to Branson Mi. would be exciting too. These two trips cost them a total of $2,500. If they can afford that then they don’t need doggie bags from others! I really think they work over the younger people to get extras from them. Shame on them!   In spite of them we had a glorious time:)

We went on a Mystery Day Trip next. That was different. We were told NOTHING! Even on the way we were told NOTHING! After we crossed the bay bridge I thought ok the Inner Harbor? No we kept on North. Finally in Northern Md. we stopped in Westminster Md. for refreshments. A beautiful old bar restaurant for crab soup and rolls. Delish! Then back on the bus to further North to Union Town; finally it was coming together- the Civil War. We toured an old grist mill where corn was milled, sifted, and poured into a bag for me. Then we toured the home where the antiques were original to the house. Next stop was to an old restaurant for lunch; complete with linen tablecloths, wine, the whole nine yards! Mouthwateringly good! We toured a plantation home,beautiful then back on the road to an apple orchard for apples, and apple dumplings-Yummy! We were back home by 11:00 pm. tired but happy. The best part? No driving, no getting lost, etc. what a way to go!